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Kavaljeren at Apertins herrgård is situated in a location that was renowned for its hospitality and outstanding cuisine as long ago as the 12th century. Monks from Aberdeen in Scotland settled here in order to convert pagan Northerners to Christianity. Heavenly food and drink were a successful way of persuading travellers to stay awhile and listen to what the monks had to say.

Apertin country house was built here just over 500 years later, and the tales of hospitality gained new momentum. The wings of the country house were home to the cavaliers, who brought colour to every event. And the hospitality and delightful food live on. We promise to do everything in our power to make sure your stay with us is wonderful and memorable. 

Märta Forslund & Anders Johansson and staff


Counts, cavaliers and ghosts at Apertin

Apertin is named after the town of Aberdeen, whose monks travelled here in the 12th century to convert us to Christianity. Just outside Kil, they built a church on an old sacrificial site and the name Aberdeen was changed to Apertin. Later Apertin became the property of the Crown and construction of the country house began in 1630. Since then, it has been the seat of councils, bishops and ability.

The cavaliers – noble officers – gathered here for dinners and celebrations hosted by Countess Sara Catharina Lindroth Löwenhielm. It’s said that Sara and her granddaughter, Charlotta Löwenhielm von Gerdten, still walk the corridors. According to legend, they danced with the devil, and after every dance there was a speck of blood on the floor that can’t be washed away.

Today’s Kavaljeren at Apertins Herrgård is considerably more modern than the country house and its associated wings. The oldest wing dates back to the 17th century. But even though Kavaljeren Apertin was built as late as 1989, you’ll scarcely believe it. The exterior is straight out of Selma Lagerlöf’s books, and the interior gives the impression of a different century too. But that said, you won’t be without any modern features or creature comforts.


Discover the beauty of Värmland

While you’re here, take the opportunity to discover the beauty that is Värmland. Miles of forest, vast lakes and tumbling waterways – we have them all here. The fascinating Kilsravinerna Nature Reserve is nearby, and with a bit of luck and patience you’ll see everything from deer, elk and wild boar to lynx and wolves.

About 20 kilometres away is Karlstad, with Sandgrund, Lars Lerin’s permanent art gallery and Wermlands Operan. Selma Lagerlöf’s Mårbacka is situated a few kilometres north of Kil in Östra Ämtervik.

In Sunne, you’ll find the famous “Berättarladan” theatre that puts on some spectacular performances every summer. Rottneros herrgård, with its flower park, is also situated here, and you can cross Lake Fryken on the hundred-year-old steamboat Freja.

Further north, adventures in the wild await – with rafting on the Klarälven river, canoeing and hiking in the virgin forest. Värmland has some fantastic landscapes and unspoilt wilderness to offer.

If you’d like information on places to go and things to see, have a word with us at reception – we’d be happy to help.