Enjoy that special something

We love to do things that make people smile. Take this opportunity to spoil yourself and the one you love. Invite your friends to a great weekend. Or enjoy a family party. How about a wedding? We can arrange various activities depending on the season, and if you have any ideas or requests of your own, just ask.

Book by phone +46 554 108 60 or send a request to info@kaveljerenapertin.se



Kavaljeren Apertin at the Lake of Dreams. So the old story goes, couples in love who wander round the lake at midnight under the light of a full moon will live happily together. People came here to marry from far and wide as long ago as the Middle Ages, and even now many people make their vows here.

We can offer a full-service experience, with the wedding, reception and overnight accommodation in a single location. Get in touch with us – we’ll do our best to give you a wonderful wedding to remember.


We specialise in parties with family and friends. A quiet dinner, or a whole evening of delicious food, drinks, dancing and overnight accommodation, followed by an inspiring breakfast the next day. Your wish is our command.


Invite the person you love for a romantic weekend away, far away from all the demands and stress of everyday life. A delicious dinner, a good chat, a comfortable night and a fantastic breakfast.


Try drinks and learn more about champagne, wine, beer, whiskey, rum, calvados, cognac…