A touch of Värmland and the world

Good food and drink are an important part of the experience here at Kavaljeren Apertin. Anders is one of the best chefs in Värmland, and he makes his mark. The menu includes delicacies from all over the world and tasty products made locally. 

Our restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can accommodate up to 100 guests for celebrations. If you’re allergic to any foods, or if you have any special requests, we’re always happy to adapt your food – just remember to let us know in advance, please.

Book by phone +46 554 108 60 or send a request to info@kaveljerenapertin.se 


Discover new flavours, or enjoy meals cooked in traditional ways. We offer both tradition and innovative flavours at our restaurant.


If you’d like to try champagne, wine, beer, whisky, rum… Or perhaps try food and drink combinations that are simply perfect together.


We’re happy to go the extra mile for special occasions. That said, you can enjoy an outstanding meal on ordinary weekdays as well.


Invite your family or friends. Hosting a dinner here means you can enjoy the event just as much as your guests – without any hassle.